The Imagination Academy

The Imagination Academy gives children in virtually every neighborhood, the opportunity and tools to maximize their learning through fun, creative applications that stimulate their imagination.

Using Pre-Imagined Academic Curriculum’s, the pain, frustration and boredom typically experienced by kids in learning common, school-based subjects, will be replaced by faster learning and recall of these subjects in a state of fun and joy.

At The Imagination Academy, this is done through the use of programs in a nurturing environment that provides a perfect foundation for them to supplement their learning skills and to apply methods of accelerated learning to their regular schooling program.

At The Imagination Academy our goal is to help children (even BIG kids), find and follow their inner fires, their innate passions and most importantly, LIVE them!

When natural, inherent scholastic ability is honored and magnified, it leads to creative, inventive, intuitive and radiant people.

Why should kids wait until their graduation from high school or tertiary education (at age 17-21 years) before unlocking their inner fires?  Achieving this takes MAGNIFIED IMAGINATION. It takes harnessing a child?s natural inherent gift at birth to be brilliant, and for this brilliance to be nurtured at an early age.

Gifting kids with these skills and understandings is the vision and purpose of The Imagination Academy.  Our Tutorz see themselves as ?Gardeners?.  They plant the seeds, nurture the growth and rejoice in watching children harvest the fruit of their experience – an experience that will last a lifetime.