The Gold Coast is located 80km south of Brisbane, on the east coast of Australia, within the State of Queensland. It encompasses 5000 sq km with 70km of coastline The Gold Coast is serviced by two airports, as well as ports and access to the area is easy. For more information seeĀ Getting Here and Around.

Gold Coast Climate

The Gold Coast has a sub-tropical climate, and keeping with QLD’s ‘Sunshine State’ slogan, has a lot of sunny days. Summer time temperatures range from 19 to 29 degrees Celsius, with winter temps having an average of 9 to 21 degrees Celsius.


The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most biologically diverse cities, home to luscious rainforests, golden beaches and unique wildlife. In fact, the Gold Coast has one of the largest sub tropical rainforests in the world. There are many land national parks to enjoy within the Gold Coast, but if you also want to enjoy the marine life and golden sands then you can visit Moreton Bay, Stradbroke Island or the many other islands within close proximity. And to really take in the beauty of Gold Coast beaches you can take a nice stroll along the many oceanway walk paths.

The Gold Coast City Council has a policy of cultural development for the enjoyment of residents and visitors and diversity is celebrated. Therefore you can be assured of a range of cultural activities on the Gold Coast.