Kiwi Shop

Your Kiwi Shop aims to relieve you of any homesickness by supplying all those goodies you remember from home, and some you may have forgotten about! Our range includes essential New Zealand groceries such as Watties, Jet Planes, Rashuns and L&P. Plus loads of other sauces, chips, biscuits, lollies, chocolates and drinks.

Your Kiwi Shop also has a large range of giftware including canvas prints, glass art sculptures, clothes, greenstone, bone, sports merchandise and Manuka Honey skin care products.

Come into the store for a great range of Kiwi Ice Cream (youÂ’ll never eat Aussie again!) We also stock Kumera Chips, Sizzlers and Maketu Pies. Mutton Birds, Green Lip Mussels, Bluff Oysters, Kina and Pauas are available when in season.

Your Kiwi Shop continues to grow, with new products coming in all the time, so come in and spoil yourself.