Get a Job on a Luxury Yacht

Well, the luxury yacht industry offers all this and much more. It is the ultimate working holiday. And though, at a glance, the very idea of multimillion dollar yachts, celebrity guests and exotic destinations is so unfamiliar it can seem surreal, these magnificent world-travelling yachts are very real, as are the numerous opportunities to work on them.
So let?s look at the facts:

  • Luxury yachts can be motor or sail and range from 80ft (24m) up to the size of a mini cruise ship.

  • Generally, yachts sized 80ft (24m) to 260ft (80m) are regarded as superyachts and anything larger as megayachts. 

  • These yachts can cost anything from a few million US dollars for a small, fixer-upper to a reported US $270 million for Larry Ellison?s 452ft (138m) megayacht Rising Sun.

  • Each year luxury yacht owners spend approximately ten per cent of the purchase price to keep their yachts sparkling and their crew happy.

  • Luxury yacht crew enjoy great to exceptional salaries and numerous perks such as full board and food, annual paid leave, insurance, tips and bonuses.

  • In 2006 there was 27km (17 miles) of new yachts over 24m (80ft) under construction in 25 countries throughout the world.

  • It is estimated that 5,700 new crew will be required to fill these positions throughout 2007.

  • There is currently a worldwide shortage of properly accredited candidates to fill the positions available.