Frontline Homes

Frontline Homes does not operate a network of builders and project managers to operate under the Frontline brand nor are we a franchised business. With Frontline Homes you are dealing with an independent building company. We take our commitment to you very seriously and manage every step of your new home build to provide you with peace of mind that your new home is in good hands.

At Frontline Homes we offer a range of building options and solutions to suit your budget. whether it be your first, second, third home or and Investment property. We have a great selection of home designs for you to choose from. And our homes offer a complete turnkey solution, with no hidden extra’s, so that you can just move in and enjoy your new home.

Frontline Homes is an adaptive building company and understands the changing needs of people their goals, and effect the current economy has had on this. Affordability has never been harder. So we keep our build rates down by keeping our overheads down. We only build a limited number of homes per year and focus on the quality rather than the quantity. We are a referral based business and work to build ongoing business relationships with our clients.

We know how hard it can be to save enough deposit to purchase a property these days, and the First Home Owners Grant is a great help, but often not quite enough. We offer further incentives up to $10,000 dollars! and work closely with developers, finance advisors and lenders to find real world viable solutions to help you into the property market.

We believe in building houses that will perform over the long term, which is not just great for our reputation but also for your pocket. As an accredited Greensmart Professional, we also believe in utilising sustainable materials and energy efficient solutions whenever possible, and that long term performance and sustainability offers significant cost saving advantages, improves quality of life and also helps reduce further impact on our environment.

Our portfolio of building experience comes from over 20yrs of Industry experience , forged on custom designed and built homes, single and double storey & slope sensitive designed homes along with multi residential projects.

Why not decide for yourself and call or email Frontline Homes today to find out how we can help you.