Frankel & Whale International

Brilliant, Dynamic, Knowledgeable, Inspirational, Trusted and Fun….. are all words used to describe Mark Frankel and Rebel Whale by their clients on a daily basis.

Mark and Rebel have been highly successful business owners and have a wealth of experience including:

  • building a business from scratch to a multi million dollar company

  • opening multiple world record breaking franchises in different cities

  • running Frankel & Whale International and imparting their knowledge with forward thinking business owners.

They have an uncanny ability to deliver immediate results, with proven strategies, in a straight forward and amazingly simple format. They have won the accolades of business owners, franchisors and franchisees and individuals around Australasia for their ongoing commitment to excellence. They are passionate about showing business owners how to double their income and triple their time off.

They have consulted to a multitude of business owners from a diverse background around Australia and New Zealand. They have also conducted highly successful franchise retreats as well as having written, developed and produced sales training/customer service manuals and DVDs for the franchise.

If you are seriously interested in improving your business and your life, and are tired of empty promises, then you definitely need to chat to Frankel and Whale International TODAY!!!