Changing Horizons


Changing Horizons is committed to helping people and organisations to build the kind of leaders that make a difference. 

We can assist you with our:
  • Consulting services – working with you to identify opportunities and potential barriers to ongoing success
  • Coaching and mentoring – working with individuals to improve skills and achieve their potential
  • Learning and development programs – taking groups of people and developing skills and knowledge to become great leaders.
 If you are going to lead and influence people to reach their potential and achieve the height of success, you might:
  • Climb high, see the vision and inspire people to climb with you – transformational leadership
  • Develop a plan or road map to navigate to the destination – pragmatic management
  • Follow the course of the river, delight in its path and discover its source – innovative learning.
In a rapidly changing world, leaders can no longer choose whether they will be transformational, pragmatic or innovative.  We have to be all three.  We have to be constantly changing our horizons to operate on all three fronts.