Movie World



Movie World presents Hollywood on the Gold Coast, with rides, shows and entertainment. Here you can rub shoulders with Looney Tunes, Austin Powers, Batman and many more famous characters.

Movie World presents a wide range of rides for all thrill levels. For the exhilaration seekers there is the Batwing Spaceshot, a 4.5G vertical launch up a 60m tower, followed by a mega drop. Superman Escape is another one of Movie World’s thrilling rides traveling 0 – 100 kilometres in just 2 seconds, it has been voted one of the best rollercoasters in the Southern Hemisphere!!! Inspired by the feature film shot at Warner Roadshow Movie World Studios, the Scooby Doo indoor Spooky Coaster will have you screaming, ‘I want to go on it again!’ And for an experience like no other try the Lethal Weapon rollercoaster that will have your legs dangling in mid air as u ride the curves. Love batman, but one something a little less daunting than the Batwing Spaceshot? You’ll enjoy the Batman Adventure ride.

For family friendly fun, enter Looney Tunes Village. Here you will find the Road Runner Rollercoaster, Marvin the Martian’s Rocket Ride and much more. Kids of all ages will also love the fun and fantasy of the New Kids’ WB! Fun Zone – a magical cartoon world.

The shows at Movie World are second to none. Providing an escape from the heat, Shrek 4D Adventure will have you feeling like you are existing in Shrek’s world. Next on the list to see is the famous Police Academy Stunt Show. With live stunts, action, explosions and crashes, it will have you in fits of laughter and amazement.


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